Stay Tuned for a Healthy Living 101 Crash Course!

Healthy Living 101 Stay tuned for a 1-day crash course on Healthy Living! By: Darlene Ahenakew read more →

Food Sensitivities Cooking Class with Leanne Brunelle (March 26th)

              Food Sensitivities Cooking Class Here at True Potential, we do a lot of testing for food sensitivities and we spend a lot of time helping out patients adjust their diets and eliminate foods that are problematic.  Despite our best efforts, we just can’t be in the kitchen to.. read more →

Bullet-Proof Broccoli

                      Bullet Proof Coffee Alright, so if anyone here is familiar with a bullet-proof coffee, then you know how delicious and nourishing a coffee can truly be.  For those here that don’t know what a bulletproof coffee is, imagine a coffee with frothed butter and.. read more →