25 Mar 2018

Corporate Wellness Program in Saskatoon for a Healthy Workplace

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The Team Plan is a program designed to help you optimize your Naturopathic Healthcare employee benefits.

Does your employee benefit plan include coverage for naturopathic services? 

Often employees are not sure how this coverage can be used or what the benefits might be.

Don’t let those benefits go to waste!

Corporate Wellness Program at True Potential Health

Team Plan

This is a three month program that includes in office assessment and treatment as well as functional lab testing to assess for food sensitivities. True Potential’s Team Plan is a good fit for any kind of team, including:

  • work team (entire organization)
  • executive team
  • even your family team!

True Potential Team Plan


Patients who seek care from a naturopathic doctor report improved:

  • sleep
  • energy
  • digestion
  • hormone balance
  • mood

Those are just some examples – naturopathic care can also complement care from other practitioners. True Potential’s team also provides acupuncture, colon hydrotherapy and manual therapy.

Health Coach

I look forward to meeting you! Call the clinic and set up a time to talk about a health plan for your team. 306-373-5209

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