26 Feb 2014

A 10 Week Course in Healthy Living

This is an excellent opportunity for all you health enthusiasts to learn everything you ever wanted to know about healthy living!  For 10 weeks, I will be facilitating our sessions with great enthusiasm and bringing delicious whole foods.  We will learn together, eat together, and incorporate practical lifestyle changes.  This program will benefit you in all areas of health: energy, weight, mood, sleep will all benefit from the knowledge you will gain in this course.

See below for more details!

Week 1 “Let’s get Started Eating!”

Our first session starts with a discussion of “resetting your metabolism” for optimal health. Each participant will have the opportunity to have a BIA analysis (cost included in course fees) which will give information on the body’s current composition of tissue mass(lean muscle, fat), state of hydration and level of toxicity. We will discuss what changes need to be made to improve your values and we’ll sample some delicious dishes to get you motivated to spend some time in the kitchen!

Week 2 “Wheat-belly?”

In week 2, we will look at all the different popular diets. Is gluten free the secret to optimal health? Is a paleo diet the way we’re meant to eat? Vegan? Raw? 6 small meals a day? We will also discuss the concept of food sensitivities and how they are different from food allergies.

Week 3 “The Power of Protein”

Protein is an extremely important part of anyone’s diet. It is the building block for a healthy immune system and is vital to maintaining stable blood sugar levels. We will discuss how much protein you actually need, and the best clean sources of protein. You will sample various nuts and seeds and enjoy the most delicious vegan protein smoothie ever made!

Week 4 “Immune System Reboot”

We will discuss the impact that food has on our immune system. And we’ll review the best ways to prevent a cold or flu with diet and naturopathic medicines. And since 70% of your immune system is in your intestines, we’ll be talking about how to optimize the health of our digestive system. Our sampling this session will be bone broths and fermented foods – you’ll be dying to try it all after you learn why it is so healthy for you!!

Week 5 “Thyroid and Adrenal – Optimal Functioning”

There is a lot of well-deserved buzz about suboptimal functioning of the adrenal and thyroid glands, and the impact this has on energy and weight. We will discuss these conditions, why they are so prevalent and natural treatment options. This session we will be enjoying some easy soup recipes.

Week 6 “Destressing”

This week, the class will be individual. Participants can each book a personal appt for either a relaxation craniosacral or acupuncture treatment. This will be an opportunity to discuss your progress with Dr Ahenakew.

Week 7 “Do I need a Detox?”

The answer is yes! And we will explore why, discussing the greatest sources of toxicity that we encounter on a daily basis and how to minimize their effects. We will discuss some different approaches to detoxing and the different benefits to each. This will be a delicious class – with amazing dishes to sample and then be incorporated into your detox plan!

Week 8 “Good Fats Bad Fats”

This week we will discuss fats and which oils boost our brain power and metabolism. You will sample some oils and take away simple recipes that incorporate them.

Week 9 “Alkalinizing your Diet”

Inflammation in our bodies contributes to disease and degeneration. Keeping our bodies alkaline is key to managing inflammation and we will discuss how to accomplish this. This session you will be amazed at the many delicious ways to prepare greens.

Week 10 “Potluck Party”

This week we will celebrate your new-found empowerment in all the knowledge you’ve gained to help yourself and your whole family. We will redo your BIA analysis and celebrate the changes to your health!

 March 15-May 30

(Wednesdays 7-8:30 )

 cost $35/class  ($350 for the course)

(note: you may have coverage if you have an extended health care plan)

To register:  call True Potential Health Services at 306 373-5209

by Dr. Darlene Ahenakew, ND