09 Sep 2017

Stress and Smoking Cessation Acupuncture Sessions – TUESDAY EVENINGS IN SEPT/OCT

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 Stress and Smoking Acupuncture Sessions

Happy Fall everyone!!  Dr. Marcoux will be holding new acupuncture sessions for stress management and smoking cessation starting Tuesday, September 19th, and running weekly until October 10th.  Sessions will begin at 6:30pm.  Please feel free to share this with anyone you know who might be interested.

What is it?

Dr. Marcoux’s 4 week acupuncture treatment programs for either:


How will it work?

Once weekly for 4 weeks you will receive a 45 minute acupuncture treatment. You will relax in a luxurious reclining chair in a small, quiet group environment. Dr. Marcoux will insert 10-20 needles into various acupuncture points. These points will be located in your feet, legs, wrists, ears and head.  Dr. Marcoux will also use small seeds to do some acupuncture in your ears. Acupuncture needles are very fine and produce very little pain sensation. The ear seeds are attached with a small sticker and are pressed on to the ear without breaking the skin.

You will relax with the needles in for about 30 minutes. Dr. Marcoux will check in on you periodically to see how you’re doing.  The ear seeds will stay on your ears so that you can press anytime you need them throughout the week.

At the first session, a booklet of supportive materials will also be provided in order to help you reach and maintain your health goals between sessions.

When does it start?

Sessions are on Monday evenings starting at 6:30pm and will last approximately 45 minutes.  Dates for the coming month are:

  • September 19, 26, and October 3, 10

 How much does it cost?

Regular acupuncture sessions at True Potential Health Services are $90.00 per 45 minute session.  This package is being offered at $180 for 4 weekly acupuncture sessions.  That’s a 50% discount!

How can I register?

Call 306-373-5209 to determine your eligibility.  Space is limited to 5 people per session, so call today.  Please note that full payment is required upon registration.

What happens when it’s finished?

After the program is finished if you would like to continue treatment or pursue other forms of natural medicine to achieve your health goals, you can book an initial, 90 minute consultation to review your whole health history with Dr. Marcoux.  You may also continue with acupuncture treatments by booking further group sessions.

Book now and take charge of your health!

By: Dr. Marcoux