Energy Cookie Recipe: Banana Zucchini Cookies

Important announcement: Dr. Marcoux’s Stress and Smoking Cessation Acupuncture Sessions Start April 17 The season is changing and tax deadlines are approaching – life is shifting into high gear for many of us. Dr. Marcoux has a new 4 week acupuncture session starting on April 17 th for either stress management or smoking cessation. Spaces are limited.. read more →

Corporate Wellness Program in Saskatoon for a Healthy Workplace

The Team Plan is a program designed to help you optimize your Naturopathic Healthcare employee benefits. Does your employee benefit plan include coverage for naturopathic services?  Often employees are not sure how this coverage can be used or what the benefits might be. Don’t let those benefits go to waste! Corporate Wellness Program at True.. read more →

Healing and Nature Cure: 3 Things Your Body Needs

How your body heals. So I ended up having this conversation with a few of my patients yesterday, and I figured it was worth re-iterating here.  How do we heal?  If our bodies are able to re-establish a balance on their own, why don’t they do it more often?  Why are some people stuck with.. read more →